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Covalus offers a broad range of services that a larger consulting firm might provide, but with the unencumbered agility of a small but highly experienced team of experts. We take the time to know your objectives, and we work with you and your team to arrive at the best solutions for your project needs.

Mark Chenoweth

Principal, Founder

Edward J. Hernandez

Principal, Founder

Walt Massey

Principal, Founder

Louis-Lombardo-sm (2).jpg
Louis Lombardo

Vice President, Equipment Planning

Janice-Gatti-sm (2).jpg
Janice Gatti

Vice President, Transition Planning

Bob-Kiger-sm (2).jpg
Bob Kiger

Vice President, Program Management

Marshall-Kania-sm (2).jpg
Marshall Kania

Vice President of Program Management

Eric-Burk-sm (2).jpg
Eric Burk

Vice President of Program Management

Matt-Fouch-sm (2).jpg
Matt Fouch

Director of Government Services

Katie-Mihalopoulos-sm (2).jpg
Katie Mihalopoulos

Vice President, Human Resources

Jeff-Lintzenich-sm (2).jpg
Jeff Lintzenich

Vice President, Equipment Planning/Implementation Planning

Hunter-Carlson-sm (2).jpg
Hunter Carlson

Director, Strategic Advisory Services

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